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BACH BREWING CZECHMATE PILSNER, from the Taranaki Daily News by Warwick Foy

The hottest week of the year demands refreshment provided by the crisp and refreshing qualities of a decent pilsner.

Luckily, Fitzroy Liquorland is stocking Bach Brewing’s Czechmate Pilsner. Liquorland has upgraded its tap system with the arrival of Hollie’s “tap of wonder” – an eight-tap rig that is pouring offerings from Liberty, Parrot Dog, Moa and others.

Bach Brewing is a Kiwi dream come true. Brewer Craig Cooper has worked for several large beer companies around the world. Always a beach and bach-loving bloke, last year he returned to New Zealand and established Bach Brewing, which also produces the fine Hopsmacker IPA.

The beers are contract brewed by Steam brewing, probably best known for its Epic production.

Under its pre-Bach marque, Limburg, the pilsner won back- to-back trophies for best international style lager in 2006 and 2007.

The bottle label sums up the philosophy of this brewer. The look is fresh and crowded with Kiwi summer scenes. The beer was also bright and clean with a smooth body and excellent head retention. The noble Saaz hops were prominent in the aroma and balanced on the palate. Saaz provided hints of lemon tart and summer grass. My only criticism? A slightly too strong doughy, yeast flavour.

However, the bitterness was just right, and overall the balance and taste were pleasant. Czech pilsners are meant to be golden and light and this beer meets these criteria. Czechmate is 5 per cent abv (alcohol by volume).

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